Basic offer – company group studies of the general language (common conversation topics)

1 lesson lead by 1 lecturer


(number of students is not crucial)

from 15 to 28 EUR /60 min

( Advanced language skills demand a better preparation of the lecturer).


Courses for specific purposes ( profession-focused conversation topics)

Business English, legal English for the Czech native speakers 20 EUR/60 min
Kurse für spezifische Zwecke: Deutsch in der Wirtschaft, juristisches Deutsch 20 EUR/60 min

Other services

Interpreting services from 18 to 100 EUR/60 min
Standard page of the translated text – common texts (correspondence, web pages)

Standard page of the translated expert text

(legal texts, technical texts)

from 8 to 10 EUR

from 10 to 18 EUR

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